•  Tugboat service for ships entering and leving the port.
  • Assistance and rescue services, for vessels inside and outside the territorial waters of a country on emerging cases.
  • Transportation of ship's practice groups from roadstead in ports and conversely.
  • Transportation of ship's crew from roadstead in ports and conversely.
  • Transportation of heavy weight up to 1000 tons, at sea and in port.
  • Excavation (deepening), maintenance of main channels, aquariums, piers ports, commercial and non - Albanian civilians.
  • Supply of water for ships in roadstead as well safeguard natural atmosphere term papers and in quays.
  • Cleaning and collecting rubbish from the ships.
  • Diving service according to the presented needs.



 Our Company operates in full compliance with the rules and guidelines approved by the General Directorate of Marine and other authorities of Albanian state. 

Currently, for achieving our objectives with efficiency, we keep regular contact with over 60 maritime agencies, stationed in all Albanian ports.